Solidarity with Warwick students: Wed 10 Dec

An event to show solidarity with students at Warwick University, who were viciously attacked with tasers and CS gas during a peaceful #FreeEducation protest on the Student Assembly day of action against cuts and fees that will see a generation shackled with debt.


From Ferguson and New York to Cairo and the UK, people are fighting for their rights to a world without racism, war and austerity. But, all too often, they’re being met with a violent backlash from the police and the powers-that-be.

Police violence is endemic, and has recently taken the lives of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and 12-year-old Tamir Rice, among many others. Peaceful protest in response to injustice is under attack as we have seen on our own doorstep with the brutal treatment of the students at Warwick University.

We say that it’s time to end police violence. Let’s show solidarity with all those who are suffering political repression at the hands of the police – and that the movement against tuition fees, debt and cuts will not be intimidated into silence.

Meet at 13:00 on Wednesday 10th December at the front of Penrhyn Road Campus.