Branch motion on monitoring students

KU UCU Branch notes that:

a)      FASS has issued a circular directing academic staff to keep and report attendance registers on the grounds that as an institution KU is obliged to monitor Tier 4 visa immigrant students;

b)      implementing the procedure would entail extra work on academic staff with no educational benefit.


KU UCU believes that:

a)      asking staff to monitor specific groups of students undermines staff-student relationships;

b)      it is not appropriate for academic staff to be involved in signed registers or other forms of internal immigration control;

c)       the University has already put in place administrative arrangements compliant with legislation that were in operation last academic year.


KU UCU recommends that:

a)      KU UCU presses management to end the policy of Tier 4 visa monitoring;

b)      members do not implement the signed class register procedure;

c)       the University should continue to keep non-signing tick registers and use them to chase non-attending students for pedagogic and pastoral reasons irrespective of their visa status.


KU UCU resolves to:

a)      support all academic staff carrying out this policy;

b)      open a broad debate with UNISON, students and staff on this topic.